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The Story of Farfella Creations

We know how great it feels to find the right accessory that ties everything together.

Yet, there are lots of generic accessories that you can find in shopping centers everywhere. I've felt it myself, seeing familiar pieces in another's ear, head, wrist or finger.  


At Farfella Collections, our mission is to help you sparkle the world in your unique way.

The Collaboration

Farfella Creaciones is a mother-daughter collaboration.

My mother engages in her craft as a means to cope with the current affairs in Venezuela. And I support her by sharing her craft to the world.


We share a passion for fashion and an obsession with accessorizing outfits. This passion has led me to jewelry sales in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Aruba, Columbia and USA.


We are more than an accessory store, we represent a journey. And we invite you to go on your own journey with unique accessories that drives confidence.

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